Cinderella, forced into a life of household chores by her wickedly cruel stepmother and stepsisters, dreams of a better life. The town crier announces a royal ball at which the Prince of the kingdom intends to find a bride, and Cinderella wishes she could attend. When her stepsisters and stepmother go off to the ball, a Fairy Godmother appears and magically grants Cinderella’s wish. At the ball, Cinderella and the Prince meet and instantly fall in love, but she abruptly excuses herself at midnight, leaving only a glass slipper on the palace steps. After an extensive search throughout the kingdom, the Prince and Cinderella are magically reunited and blissfully married.

Director: Jinnae Stuckey
Music Director: Jenny Gummer

Choreographer: Naomi Hogan
Stage Manager: TBD

Dates / Times:

  • Thursday, Jan 30th @ 10:00am  
  • Friday, Jan 31st @ 10:00am  
  • Friday, Jan 31st @ 7:00pm
  • Saturday, Feb 1st @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, Feb 1st @ 7:00pm
  • Sunday, Feb 2nd @ 3:00pm
  • School Days Performance
Tickets go on sale Saturday November 23, 2024 at 12:00am

Ticket Prices:

*ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES.* *Discounts/coupons must be used at time of purchase and cannot be added to already purchased tickets. *Ticket holders can sell tickets, but for no more than originally paid. Ticket holders can trade tickets with other ticket holders. If tickets are sold or traded, please transfer the PDF or paper copy of the ticket. If any dispute arises over seats at a show, or somehow duplicate tickets are presented for the same seat, CYT will consider only the original purchaser of the tickets in the CYT database to be the owner of the seats.

Bayside Adventure:

6401 Stanford Ranch Road, Roseville, CA 95678

Show Notes:

  • CYT students ages 8-18 who are currently enrolled in a class in a class at Bayside Adventure are eligible to audition for CINDERELLA or SINGIN' IN THE RAIN.
  • An online audition form will be emailed to all students enrolled in a CYT class who selected to participate in auditions. The form will require a bio, photo upload, music track upload, and costume measurements in addition to other information. 
  • Some who audition may also be requested to attend a Callback on the second date. 
  • VOCAL & PRELIMINARY DANCE AUDITIONSFriday, November 8th. LOCATION: Bayside Adventure Church (6401 Stanford Ranch Road)
    Students will sign up for a 20 min group audition slot sometime between 4 - 8:30pm.  Audition songs should be to music (not accapella). Please choose a track with no accompanying vocals (such as a karaoke track). Audition music should be no more than 1 minute.  The director needs to see how well the student can stay with the music, both in tune and in rhythm. You will be able to upload your music to the audition form. It's best if you have a YouTube link or an actual song - we cannot support iTunes, Spotify or Amazon files. Students will learn choreography at home via video and will come ready to perform it for the directors along with the other students in the audition group at the end of their time slot. 

    CALLBACKS (including Featured Dancers): Saturday, November 9th 9:00am-3:00pm. The directors will call back certain students to sing, read a scene, dance, or any combination of these. They will often ask pairs or groups of students to read scenes to see how different combinations of kids work together. CYT callbacks are closed to everyone except the show directors. Students may be released prior to 3pm. If a student is not called back, it does not mean that they will not be cast in the show.
  • Students who audition are NOT eligible for a class tuition refund regardless of casting. 
  • All students cast in the show will be charged a production fee of $210.
  • Families are required to volunteer 20+ hours on a parent team. 
For additional show information, check out the Audition Tips and Show FAQ sections on the Auditions Page.

Rehearsal Dates: Bayside Adventure Church - 6401 Stanford Ranch Rd. (Roseville)
Saturdays 9am-3pm
11/16, 11/23, 12/7, 12/14, 1/4, 1/11, 1/18

ALL Parent Meeting - Sat November 16th

Mandatory Rehearsal Dates: 
Super Saturday 9am-3pm - 1/25
Tech Week 4pm-9pm - Sun 1/26, Mon 1/27, Tues 1/28, Wed 1/29

Mandatory Show Dates: 
1/30 @ 10am
1/31 @ 10am & 7pm
2/1 @ 2pm & 7pm
2/2 @ 3pm

Questions? Contact the Show Coordinator, Carissa Shrum, at



Kind and patient, Cinderella was left by her late father to live with her stepmother and stepsisters, who have forced her into a life of housework and serving their many needs. Alone, Cinderella dreams of living an exciting life elsewhere.

The Prince

His Royal Highness Prince Christopher Rupert has just returned from his studies abroad. Now, for his 21st birthday, the King and Queen are throwing him a ball at the palace in hopes that he will meet a special lady who will become his bride.

Fairy Godmother

Mysterious and puckish, Cinderella's Fairy Godmother is always looking over Cinderella, whom she loves very much.


His Majesty the King is less than excited by the prospect of planning a costly ball, but he loves his queen very much and will do anything to make her happy, even if it means adorning new formal attire.


Her Majesty. With no recent events for the kingdom’s citizens to enjoy, she is eager to throw a grand ball to celebrate her son’s 21st birthday and find him a bride.


Cinderella's Stepmother is miserably greedy and determined to marry off her two daughters, who are just as cruel and malicious as their mother.

The Stepsisters

Petty, haughty, vain and selfish, Stepmother’s two daughters take pleasure in demeaning and abusing Cinderella. Despite their utter lack of charm, grace or tact, the sisters nonetheless consider themselves worthy of the Prince’s adoration.