Updated on June 19, 2020
We are aware of the new CA order for face coverings and are awaiting specific day camp guidance. Please stay tuned.

Updated on June 16, 2020

Dear CYT Campers,

As CYT camp dates approach, we are thrilled that day camps have been allowed to open.
We are in the process of modifying camp to meet the guidelines from Placer County and our facilities so that CYT Camp can maintain a kind, welcoming, safe and inclusive environment.  

Campers can expect:
(Subject to change based on county guidelines.) 
  • Fixed teams in smaller numbers, in order to limit exposure while letting kids be kids and have fun together.
  • Limited enrollment for each week. If guidelines loosen, we may open more spots.
    • Max enrollment of 70 (30 teens, 30 kids, 10 W/OG) per week.
    • 7 teams of 10 campers maximum to accommodate for teams to have separate rooms.
    • No whole-group activities bringing teen and kids camp together.
  • Live Showcase Alternative - Teams will be recorded throughout the week by our Techie Campers Team, who will create a final presentation for a fun, interactive, virtual showcase watch-party.  
  • In order for campers to arrive in a clean shirt each day, in lieu of a camp shirt, campers will be encouraged to wear their team colors. 
  • Campers will bring their own lunch each day.

Camp registration is open on our website. 

Full refunds will automatically be applied if we have to cancel due to COVID safety measures or low enrollment.  Full refunds will be given if you become ill before camp. Prorated refunds will be given if your camper shows symptoms of illness during camp and needs to stay home. Healthy campers only, please.

If you or your child are not comfortable with county guidelines, we ask that you not participate, as CYT is required to adhere to guidelines, as best we can.

Further details including modified drop-off/pick-up procedures, a self-screening tool, and other information specific to your camp week/location will be emailed to all enrolled families prior to the start of camp.

Country TOY Jamboree Camp (Ages 5-12)

Reach for the sky, CYT Campers!  Strap on your boots and cowboy hats as we join Woody, Jessie and the rest of the Toy Story Gang in the Wild Wild West! Get ready for a hoe-down show-down between the Countrified Toys, the Happy Campers and the Not-So-Happy Campers as we sing, dance, and act (or is it hoot, holler an’ ho-down?) to some old-time country classics as well as some new swing-swangin’, boot-scootin’ tunes from modern day!!!

Country Toy Jamboree is a Monday-Friday camp.  
8-12 year olds attend 9am-3pm.
5-7 year olds attend 9am-12pm. 

What the Tech! (Ages 12-18)

Now more than ever, we see the importance of technology. The world’s gone virtual, and there’s no turning back!  CYT’s Techie Campers will learn the basics of photography and videography with a focus on creating a camp video for all to see.  Students will participate in daily interactive workshops where they’ll learn skills such as the importance of framing, keeping a consistent vision and how to capture the mood. They’ll receive hands-on learning throughout the week as they capture camp candids and performance footage to learn about editing and audio techniques. This special team of campers will collaborate to produce an original camp video presentation to be shared at showcase, and with the world!

What the Tech! is a Monday-Friday camp 9am-3pm. 

A Magical Musical Camp (Ages 12-18)

A Camp Inspired by All Things Harry Potter
Sign up to receive your letter of acceptance to attend a week of Magical Musical Camp. Offstage, be sorted into your house teams and compete in the Tournament of Thespians. Attend Motions Class and Defense Against the Non-Performing Arts with your favorite professors. With the guidance of the heads of your house teams, explore biblical themes of good and evil and discover the truly magical, God-given gifts within you as you experience personal transfiguration. Will your team take home the Goblet of Camp-Fire? There’s only one way to find out.

A Magical Musical Camp is a Monday-Friday camp 9am-3pm.


From the comfort of your own home, welcome to CYT Family Camp, Disney Vol. 1! This 5 day adventure will have families of all sizes, singing, dancing, learning new skills, having fun, and developing character together and at your own pace. We’re going to experience theater arts training using some of our favorite Disney themes like Aladdin, Mary Poppins, Frozen, The Lion King, and more. When you purchase this digital Camp, you’ll receive access to the CYT Family Camp Handbook that will guide you through the week, complete with video lessons in singing, dancing, and specialty workshops, printable activities, game instructions, lists of optional supplies, and all the info you will need for a memorable week the whole family can enjoy! One camp fee covers everyone in your household, plus there are bonus “activities with friends” where you can invite others in on the fun!


Current Camps:

Camp: Age: Chapter: Location: Start: End:
A Magical Musical Camp (Week 1) 12-18 Auburn Auburn Grace Community Church Jul 13 Jul 17
A Magical Musical Camp (Week 2) 12-18 Roseville Valley Springs Church - Stage Jul 20 Jul 24
A Magical Musical Camp (Week 3) 12-18 Roseville Valley Springs Church - Stage Jul 27 Jul 31
Country TOY Jamboree Camp (Week 1) 8-12 Auburn Auburn Grace Community Church Jul 13 Jul 17
Country TOY Jamboree Camp (Week 2) 8-12 Roseville Valley Springs Church - Stage Jul 20 Jul 24
Country TOY Jamboree Camp (Week 3) 8-12 Roseville Valley Springs Church - Stage Jul 27 Jul 31
Country TOY Jamboree Camp: Our Gang (Week 1) 5-7 Auburn Auburn Grace Community Church Jul 13 Jul 17
Country TOY Jamboree Camp: Our Gang (Week 2) 5-7 Roseville Valley Springs Church - Stage Jul 20 Jul 24
Country TOY Jamboree Camp: Our Gang (Week 3) 5-7 Roseville Valley Springs Church - Stage Jul 27 Jul 31
CYT Family Camp, Disney Vol. 1 3-79 Sacramento Online ONLINE Jul 01 Jul 31
What the Tech! (Week 1) 12-18 Auburn Auburn Grace Community Church Jul 13 Jul 17
What the Tech! (Week 2) 12-18 Roseville Valley Springs Church - Stage Jul 20 Jul 24
What the Tech! (Week 3) 12-18 Roseville Valley Springs Church - Stage Jul 27 Jul 31


During the summer, CYT Branches put on week-long musical theater day camps for students ages 5-18. Camps are designed to be a fun and energetic immersion into the world of musical theater. Camps are jam-packed with games, activities, and interactive workshops that build performance skills, self-confidence, and teamwork. Typical camps include team competitions, rotations through drama, dance, and voice workshops and a concluding showcase for family and friends. 

CYT Summer Camps are all about fun, friendships, and theatrics. Camps are a great yearly tradition for your child!

Camp Description

CYT Camp Themes

Camp workshops, games, devotionals and the final Showcase performance center around an original theme.


Camp staff includes local artists, CYT Production Artistic Teams, and  theater specialists. These counselors are high energy, experienced, and love working with kids! CYT aims to hire counselors who are great role models for our students. All CYT counselors have been background checked and adhere to our CYT Mission and Values. 


At the end of camp, students perform in a showcase that they have rehearsed over the course of their fun-­filled week. Family and friends get to come watch the students perform the material they have learned in just one short week, free of charge! Showcase is a celebration of the week’s work and gives kids a glimpse into the energy and excitement of being part of a full CYT production.
*Showcase may take on a different format for the 2020 year.