Sound Operator & Designer

The Musical Theater SOUND OPERATOR/DESIGNER executes all sound during a show, including running mics of 20-30 actors/singers, playback of music tracks, special effects, and pre-recorded sound cues. When a live band is being used, they must be able to mic the instruments and utilize monitors to serve the live musicians. They work closely with the director and stage manager to determine the number of actor mics needed and create a mic plot. Must have a good ear to balance the room, artistic ability to execute cues with nuance and sensitivity. Must be able to take direction, have mastery over all required equipment, including programming. Must be able to set up, tear down and transport equipment to and from storage facilities. 

Job Classification / Hours:  This is an hourly position. Must be available to attend mandatory Tech Week rehearsals (5) and all performances (7). Performances are on Friday morning, Friday evenings, and Saturday afternoons and evening for two consecutive weeks. 

Behavioral Standards
    • Demonstrate an understanding of CYT’s Mission Statement and Values by incorporating them when performing job ­related tasks. 
    • Adhere to CYT’s Commitment to Character. 
    • Acknowledge CYT’s goal to conduct all business through the lens of strong, moral character and agree to perform all job­ related duties in support of this goal. 
    • Ability to work well with other people as a leader and as a team member.
    • Commit to maintain the highest levels of ethics and professionalism.

To learn more or apply please send an email including your cover letter resume to Wendy Hoover ( CYT Sacramento's Artistic Director.


Volunteer Position -- HYPE Advisors for the 2022-2023 Season

HYPE Advisor(s) must be at least 20 years old, have experience with CYT, and be committed to training and guiding the HYPE group for at least a year. This is a volunteer position.

The HYPE program is dedicated to developing a new generation of leaders through service, mentorship, and leadership while reflecting the Creator.

High School Youth Pursuing Excellence is comprised of a core group of CYT students who desire to gain leadership experience by participating in service projects, social events, fundraisers, mentoring, and training retreats/team-building events.

• Twice monthly meetings (during CYT Sessions) at a pre-arranged time and location with agendas and updates from all committee members.
• Leadership positions for all students as outlined in the HYPE manual.
• At least one service project, social event, and mentoring outreach per year (Core Activities).  Planned by the students with guidance from the Advisor(s).
• At least one leadership Retreat per year, planned by the Advisor(s) for the purpose of team-building, leadership growth, and group planning for upcoming season (July or August).
• Responsible for the culture and quality of the HYPE Program.
• Works with the Artistic Director and/or Area Coordinator to
develop the initial HYPE team.
• Works with the student President and Vice President to develop
agendas for meetings and supervises meetings (but allows
students to run them).
• Works with the previous year’s HYPE Council to select new members via application process and interviews.  (May and June).
• Develops (or selects) and presents leadership lessons at meetings.

This is a volunteer position.
Please email letter of interest and resume to

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Phone: 916-623-4343

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