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  • Must understand and adhere to the policies reflected in the Vision, Mission Statement, and Values and Objectives.
  • Must be a business or arts-minded individual with relative experience.
  • Must demonstrate leadership qualities.
  • Must be willing to give time, effort, and resources to the work of CYT.
Specific Tasks:
  • Oversees the actions of the Executive Leadership; CEO, President, Vice Presidents, CFO, Artistic and Managing Directors, in the delegation and administration of responsibilities to other staff members.
  • Determines the future direction of the company and develops plans of action for obtaining stated goals.
  • Determines policies and procedures reflected in the Vision, Mission Statement, and Values and Objectives to guide the operation of the organization.
  • Maintains the financial stability of the company, including fundraising efforts as determined by Board Members.
  • Manages and controls the legal affairs of the company to maintain the organization’s non-profit status.
  • Determines, evaluates, and approves new staff positions and appropriate compensation.
  • Board meeting attendance is mandatory in person or by phone. It’s highly recommended to attend
    NLC and EXPO in person.
  • Serves on at least one standing committee.
  • Helps secure other qualified community leaders to consider being future Board Members.
  • Makes annual personal and/or business contribution to the support the work of CYT, as well as solicit
    funds from others for fundraising efforts such as EXPO, Giving Tuesday and special events.
  • Holds in confidence all business matters of the Board, unless they are intended to be public
  • Election is for a three-year term subject to re-election.
Financial Expectations of Board Members:
  • All members of the Board of Directors are expected to become annual financial contributors to the best of their financial ability to CYT. It is considered exceedingly beneficial for all board members to be listed in CYT literature as financial sponsors of the organization. It is strongly suggested that board members’ minimum contribution of give or get be at $2,000 or more annually.