CYT Sacramento COVID-19 Recovery Fund

Will you help us weather the storm?

During this time of uncertainty, one thing has become remarkably clear: The CYT Community provides a safe and encouraging place for kids and families. We are more than a theater company, we are an essential part of people’s lives. Here at CYT Sacramento, we are striving to keep our community alive through online classes, streaming and video taping rehearsals, and seeking out new ways for students to continue to learn, to connect, and hopefully to perform together as soon as possible.
The financial blow caused by the COVID-19 outbreak is daunting and we’re asking for your help.
In the face of postponing our annual “Got Talent” Fundraiser and with the potential of spring performances being limited or cancelled, CYT Sacramento is looking at a possible $75,000 shortfall this fiscal year. We realize the Pandemic has affected some more than others, and we’re asking those who are able to contribute, for a suggested donation of $250.  Every contribution helps us continue to provide creative options for our families, support our staff, directors and teaching artists and equip us to start next season on stable financial ground.
As you consider donating, please remember that the stories we tell offstage trump the stories we tell onstage.  Remember what CYT means to you. CYT is the place we grow up — our home away from home, our community Moms and Dads, our little brothers and big sisters.  CYT is Family.
Thank you for your prayers and support as we develop character in those we currently serve and those we hope to serve for many years to come.

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Goal: $75,000.00

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3/30/20 @ 8:47am $5.00 Anonymous
I WISH I could add more zeros after this. Praying for CYT! The kids need you when this ends!
3/30/20 @ 12:12pm $250.00 Anonymous
May God continue to bless the work CYT does!!!
3/30/20 @ 3:52pm $250.00 Anonymous
3/30/20 @ 11:30pm $20.00 Anonymous
3/31/20 @ 4:55pm $100.00 Patricia Rhines
I am very proud to donate to CYT.
4/2/20 @ 3:20pm $250.00 Anonymous
4/15/20 @ 11:11am $250.00 M & M
Thank you for all your hard work helping to build compassionate and caring youth.
4/16/20 @ 9:26am $150.00 Patricia Rhines
The entire community benefits from CYT.
4/23/20 @ 8:53am $96.00 Anonymous
4/23/20 @ 8:57am $72.00 Anonymous